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Bobby Safaei is the President and Founder of PSYBOOS Entertainment Corp. Bobby Safaei was first interested in the entertainment industry while studying  for his BBA in Malaysia. When Bobby was nineteen he started doing small weekly events in local clubs and by the time he had graduated he was organizing events for as many as 1500 people. He has organized clubbing concerts, concert halls, DJ competitions, open mic nights, white parties, neon parties, mask parties, yacht parties, bikini contests, dance festivals, Fashion show, Beauty pageant, and a three day long music festival on an island. He has done business in both Malaysia and Dubai and continues to innovate within the industry bringing together musicians and other artists from a variety of cultures and backgrounds to provide an exciting new perspective to the industry.


 In 2013 Bobby moved to Vancouver BC and is now looking to bring his vision and experience to North America.  Bobby has a great interest in all forms of art and entertainment, he is always open to new ideas and is always looking for ways to expand his company and bring his own unique vision of entertainment to the industry.


Tim Murray is the Head of Talent and Organizational Development at PSYBOOS Entertainment Corp.  With a strong background in Event Planning, Project Management, and Campaign Execution, Tim has recruited, managed, and trained many effective teams across the country in a variety of fields and industries.


As a musician who plays multiple instruments, his passion extends beyond music as he finds the greatest inspiration  is the collaborative process and working with others.He is a member of Contra Code, a local skate punk band recently signed to Bird Attack Records upon the strength of their sophomore release, “Wasted Already”. He also founded the VanCity Collab, an acoustic/pop project that brings together a wide range of personalities, perspectives, and styles.His relationship with PSYBOOS began as a performer where he displayed a highly technical style of guitar.  He was brought onboard to not only help build the company and showcase the local talent, but to develop PSYBOOS’ event production capabilities.


Olga Chernega is originally from Ukraine, Olga moved to Vancouver in 2013, and always knew that a career in the event and entertainment industry would bring her a sense of fulfillment and happiness and is currently the event coordinator at Psyboos Entertainment Corp. Recently, she graduated from the Sustainable Event Management Program at BCIT, with Distinction. Having a great passion for events, she has dived into the industry with genuine interest and enthusiasm. She was part of the Pemberton Music Festival 2016, CanCity Festival, Evo Summer Cinema 2016, and other local events.


Back in Ukraine, she was co-owner of a successful beauty salon, enjoying the idea of making the world even more beautiful, and much happier. Her love for people, and interpersonal skills, helped her establish a loyal customer base in a short time. Olga has danced and done gymnastics for more than 10 years, which has helped grow her artistic vision and also as her interest in entertainment. Her different educational backgrounds, including an engineering degree as well, have greatly contributed to her thoroughness and openness to new and innovative ideas.


Psyboos is honored to have David C Jones as the host at the events.


He is a Writer, director, actor, producer and teacher, David C. Jones makes his living in the performing arts, barely. A graduate of Studio 58 and a teacher at The Vancouver Film School he has acted in plays by Mamet, Coward, Shakespeare and Stoppard. He also works as a corporate comedian and a keynote speaker. His short film Same Boat on the People’s Choice Award in 2015. He also likes to casually mention he was the Entertainment Manager of the 2010 Winter Olympics, perhaps you have heard of it? Up next David will be seen Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol.


Thomas Masin is the company’s Videographer. He is a director and writer.


Thomas Masin was born in Vancouver, Canada November 3rd, 1990. From a young age he has enjoyed making people laugh and started making films in his senior year of high school. In 2012 he finished his Bachelor’s of philosophy degree at UBC in order to guarantee he would never have to get a real job. In 2016 he graduated Vancouver Film School where he wrote and directed comedies such as “Devil Library”, “Buddy Cops” and “Gangsta Quest”. Thomas currently still lives in Vancouver where he is developing new projects and working in the entertainment industry.